Staten Island Advance
Internship Program for College Students

Eddie D.Anna
Managing Producer
and Internship Coordinator

The Staten Island Advance -- which publishes a daily community newspaper and powers the news website -- offers a comprehensive internship program for undergraduate and graduate students.

Advance reporting interns get all the same opportunities as full-time staff reporters. They write obituaries and meeting reports, features and profiles. They conduct interviews and cover breaking news. They can get involved in photography, editing and videography. All interns learn how to post news alerts and photo galleries online.

Advance internships are unpaid, and students must earn college credit for the experience. Students should be prepared to complete a minimum of two 8-hour shifts a week. One of those shifts could be an evening or weekend shift. Shifts are flexible and can work around a student's class schedule.

A Staten Island Advance internship is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that strengthens skills, opens doors and teaches students about city government and the world around them. The Advance newsroom is a teaching newsroom where growing good journalists is a priority.


REPORTING. Interns can shadow reporters or team up with other interns on assignments until they feel confident covering news on their own. Reporting interns learn how to write features, profiles and meeting reports. They can write for all sections of the newspaper, including business, home, health and entertainment. Many interns get bylined stories on the front page. Interns are also trained in obituary writing, a craft that requires interviewing techniques, sensitivity and an obsession for accuracy -- all the skills of a good journalist. Reporting interns are encouraged to show initiative by pitching story ideas to the city desk and to section editors. Interns will be trained to post alerts to, using the Movable Type content posting system.

PHOTOGRAPHY. Students with experience in photography may work in the Advance's photo department. Assignments include features, breaking news, enterprise and online photo galleries. Photo interns learn how to gather information for captions, and work with reporters to coordinate content and design. Students with video experience can develop and edit videos to accompany breaking news and features.

SPORTS. Students with an interest in sports may spend time in our Sports Department, helping take scores and write stories about local adult and youth recreational sporting events and high school athletics. Interns may also contribute online features about New York.s professional teams, including polls and engagement items.

ENTERTAINMENT. Interns assigned to our Features desk will be taught how to creatively preview upcoming events, post national celebrity news to the web and contribute scene pieces about local nightlife and music.

DIGITAL OPERATIONS: Interns assigned to our Digital Ops department will be taught the more technical aspects of our Website, including building promo modules to promote top stories on our homepage, look for opportunities to engage our audience through online posts and social media presence.


Send resume, cover letter and 2-3 writing samples to Eddie D.Anna. Applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview. E-mail inquiries welcome. No phone calls, please. Application packages can be e-mailed to or snail-mailed.

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